MD5 Fingerabdruck

MD5 Fingerabdruck 1.2

MD5 Fingerabdruck is a bulk MD5 checker and comparer
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MD5 is a value returned by an algorithm that represents a 128 bit hash value that can be considered a fingerprint for files or texts. Many webmasters now provide the MD5 value for their downloads, to enable the end user to check whether the file has been modified before, during or after the download process, which guarantees that the end user will get a genuine copy of their files. MD5 "Fingerabdruck 1.2" is a small tool that will enable you to calculate the MD5 value for any file and copy it to the Windows clipboard. It offers the functionality to save the calculated MD5 value as a .MD5 file which can be used by the same program or similar programs to recheck the MD5 value of the program again later in order to determine if it has been modified usually by malicious user or virus. The program also can compare the calculated MD5 hash value with any given MD5 value that you paste to the program and you can switch to the next or previous MD5 digest by click the next or back arrows. A voice alert is played when the calculation or comparison is done. The interface is really simple with 4 easy on screen well explained steps. You can call the program via the command line which facilitate the bulk tasks. The program supports the English and Dutch languages and you can switch between them by clicking the UK or Germany flags on the button of the program's window.

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  • Supports command line parameters
  • Hot keys enabled
  • Simple interface


  • Bulk MD5 checking can be done with
  • Check MD5 files one by one only
  • Compares only two MD5 at a time
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